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Special Announcements!

{If you receive my email newsletters, you'll note that this looks familiar!}

Hi! I am writing this Blog feeling filled with so much gratitude for each and every one of you. It is an honor and privilege to work with you as your massage therapist, coach, doula, and circle facilitator. I enjoy our time together!

I am happy to say that I have found a great office space for us to continue our healing work together. BLOOM's new office will be located at: 5900 Saratoga Road, Suite 2B in Asbury.

I've created a quick video to give you a sneak peek of the new location. You can find it on my FB page by clicking here.

As I enter my 12th year of practice as a massage therapist, I continue to be amazed at the shifts and transformations my clients (you!) are able to achieve when they place high priority on self-care. Many of my clients report an overall feeling of well-being when they begin to schedule regular massages and incorporate self-care practices at home. I continue to learn, investigate, experiment, and be curious about my own self-care and how best to support others on their wellness journey. This is a cyclic process that is never ending! The phrase, "I bloom, you bloom" perfectly describes this process of growing and sharing, and I absolutely love it. Below I've listed some new branches of growth that I am incorporating into our sessions. I hope you'll love these healing techniques as much as I love sharing them with you.

Beginning December 1st there will be an increase in the personal investment you make for your wellness sessions, as well as a few changes and additions to the services I offer. Please see below for the new rates. My updated website will be outlining new services, updated wellness packages, and fun promotions soon.

Therapeutic Massage + Reiki + Reiki Massage

60 minute $80

90 minute $110

Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy

Initial Maya Abdominal Therapy 120 minute $150

Maya Express 60 minute $80 (15 minute intake, 45 minute treatment)

NEW! Maya Complete 75 minute $95 (15 minute intake, 60 minute session)

Maya Fusion 90 minute $110 (15 minute intake, 75 minute session that includes therapeutic massage)

*New Wellness Packages

3 Session 60 minute Package {Receive a 5% Discount} $228

6 Session 60 minute Package {Receive a 10% Discount} $432


3 Session 90 minute Package {Receive a 5% Discount} $312

6 Session 90 minute Package {Receive a 10% Discount} $594

New to B L O O M:

~New techniques: Many of you have already experienced the amazing modalities of gu sha and cupping. I'll be adding these tools into more sessions as both are great additions to your massage for decreasing pain, increasing circulation, and clearing inflammation. There is never an additional charge for these add ons!

{Gu sha is a traditional Chinese healing tool and modality that brings circulation to tense muscles while also releasing tight/stuck fascia. One of my favorite areas to use gu sha is the forearms!}

{Cupping, made popular by lots of Olympic athletes most recently, helps to lift and separate your connective tissues, creating space and releasing tension. I love giving (and receiving) cupping therapy on the back.}

~Continued work and training in Maya Abdominal Therapy: Currently I am collaborating with Stephanie Grutz, local certified Holistic Nurse Practitioner to offer a fabulous natural fertility focused healing package. For more information send me a message. The next 3 month session will be announced soon and is loaded with all of mine and Steph's fertility support services! If you know someone currently walking the path of being open to conception, feel free to forward this email!

~New Moonisfestation Sessions: These 2 hour sessions will be offered during the week of each New Moon. During this session we will work to help you get clear on a powerful intention you'd like to manifest, create a custom flower essence blend to assist your intention/alignment/manifestation journey, and work with the flow of your chakras and physical body to help you release blocks, relax, and integrate your intention (therapeutic massage + reiki + chakra check-in). Stay tuned for December and January openings. $160

~Menstrual Moon Massage: Coming soon! This focused massage and self-care session is designed to be scheduled during your period and helps to nourish your body, relax and calm the bodymind, and ease menstrual symptoms.

~In-office Castor Oil Pack and V-Steam Services: Coming in mid-December. You'll be able to relax and let me do the prep work for castor oil packs and v-steams. Schedule this as an add-on to your massage or a stand alone service. More info to come.

~Upcoming Classes:

Reiki 1, November 8th

Reiki 2, November 9th

Smudging 101. TBD

December New Moonifestation Circle TBD

Do You Cycle With The Moon? TBD

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks Book Club TBD

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