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Think you can't afford a Birth Goddess Package? 5 Creative ways to make the dream a reality

A Birth Goddess Package offers a tremendous amount of prenatal and postnatal support and self care. Though the bottom line may cause a jaw-drop and some "I definitely can't afford THAT!" thoughts...I encourage you to close your mouth (or your partner's) and think again. There are many creative ways to earn the money needed to afford these amazing services!

(P.S. I'll be outlining the services included in the packages in more detail soon)

1. Ask your insurance company

Many health insurance companies will allow you to pay for part or all of these services through your Health Savings Plan. It doesn't hurt to ask! I am happy to give you itemized receipts and to fill out any additional paperwork your insurance company might need in order to cover the costs for services they'll pay for. You will most likely need to pay for these services up front and receive reimbursement later on, unless you have an HSA credit card. Many massage therapy services are covered by HSA plans, and massage makes up the bulk of the Packages!

2. Use Social Media

Crowdfunding websites like and are easy and popular ways to raise money for any type of cause. If you go this route, it's a good idea to take time to thoughtfully write your description and what you're specifically raising the money for. Write more than a few sentences and really engage your potential donators with pictures. Also, consider giving "gifts" to those who donate, small gifts for lower dollar amounts and bigger gifts for bigger dollar amounts. Get creative here...offer to bake a dozen cookies for the $10 donators or gift a framed picture of the baby with said donator for $50.

3. Ask me about payment plans and barter/trade

I love the work I do and believe in the power of the services I offer. I can't do this work without you, and I'm motivated to make our time together happen! I offer payment plans for each package and these can be modified to fit your needs. I'm also willing to barter/trade for part of the cost of the package, so if you have an idea to offer, tell me about it. Things I've bartered/traded for in the past: an antique table, paintings, massage, car maintanence, meals, a family photo session. The possibilities are endless.

4. Baby Showers/Blessingways

Friends and family who are invited to your shower expect to find an insert included in the invite that tells them where you're registered. Why not make an insert describing the services you'll be getting in the Birth Goddess Package and ask them to gift money towards that?!

5. Sell some STUFF!

I'm soooo into the book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" right now that I ALWAYS want to tell EVERYONE to buy it and follow Marie Kondo's suggestions for decluttering (so I'm somehow NOT surprised that I'm mentioning it here!). We all have too much stuff and all that stuff makes us feel exhausted | frustrated | overwhelmed | anxious. So, why not declutter (following her directions or not, but really, follow her directions) and sell the things that no longer bring you joy. Facebook garage sale groups make this really easy if you don't want to have an actual garage sale. And if you do decide to have a garage sale, why not hit your friends and family up for donated items that you can sell too. Commit to putting all the garage sale money towards your Birth Goddess Package.

When we set intentions, we make our dreams become reality. With just a bit of work here and a little effort there, you could creatively manifest enough money to pay for your entire package. Way to go, Birth Goddess!

p.s. Got a creative idea you'd add to this list? Comment below!

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