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Chakra Edition

Pre-order your subscription today!
Who doesn't love self-care with a chakra inspired theme?!

This is a series of ~ 7 ~ self-care boxes!

We'll start with the Root Chakra- "Rooting to Rise"
and work| play our way up through the 7 main chakras.

This subscription is perfect for Y O U if you want to:

~deepen your understanding of the chakra system
~engage with each chakra, one at a time
~bring healing, self- care focused ritual into your life
~gift yourself on an on-going basis
~nurture the chakras and how they are showing up in your life
~have fun

In each box, you'll receive intuitively curated self-gifts that help you celebrate the energy within you.

What to Expect:
* 7 boxes
* 4-6 "goodies" that correspond with the chakra theme
* includes local | handcrafted | artisan finds
* items of a healing | self-care focus
 *a ritual that corresponds to the chakra theme

>>> <<<

*Quantity is super limited!

*Online Store will close in less than a week from 5/18!

$350 gets you all 7 boxes PLUS 3 bonus gifts!

Your investment is in YourSelf.

The value of these boxes is priceless.


Because you can't put a price on your

health | wellness | time | energy

and when you gift yourself even tiny moments of


a momentum is created that invites

more and more time, energy, and motivation

to take really good, loving care of yourself.

And this,

helps you take care of the people you


Self First.

It has to be this way.

Did I mention there are bonuses?

When you subscribe to the Self-Care Subscription | Chakra Edition

you also get to gift yourself:

* a flower essence coaching session + a custom blend ($40 value)

* a Bloom Smudge Spray for cleansing and blessing ($11 value)

* a Distance Healing Reiki Session ($40 value)

That's $91 for F R E E!

(for descriptions of bonus see below)

If this feels like a yes to you,

If Y O U feel like a Y E S,

I invite you to join me on this

Chakra Journey.

Bonus #1: After completing some simple journal exercises, we'll meet to discuss an intention you're working to manifest or a challenge you're working to heal from. We'll "let the flowers do the talking" to see which essences most want to work with you, and I'll create a custom blend just for you! The essences are vibrational "medicine" that act on the energetic, mental, and spiritual realms of your being and are safe, simple to use, and profoundly healing.

Bonus #2: I created Bloom Smudge Spray because I needed something that would both cleanse/clear and bless my treatment room between sessions. This spray is perfect for you if you can't burn incense/sage/copal in your space for any reason. For me, it's our office policy NOT to burn or light candles for safety reasons and we have many chemically sensitive clients. This spray contains palo santo, lemon, and sage essential oils plus quartz, rose quartz, lavendar, calendula, and Himalayan Pink cleanse and bless. P.S. It smells amazing.

Bonus #3: You send me an intention for healing, I create a sweet altar complete with oracle cards, stones, and extras, and direct the Reiki to you while you go about your daily life. The energy flow and integration lasts for 3 days, during which I maintain the altar and boost the energy at least once per day. I send you a picture of your personal altar and card descriptions.

*Chakra art by Primal Painter

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