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Reiki For Pet Pals

More info coming soon...

In the meantime,

Kristi offers In-person or Distance Reiki for you and your pet.

Distance Reiki: I set up an altar in my home for you and your pet after you send me your intentions. The Reiki is sent and flows for three days during which time I send you any guidance/intuitive messages that come through. This service does not require that I meet or touch your pet. Distance Reiki sessions are great in a pinch or emergency, when we can't get our schedules to match up, or if you live in a different state or country. It is helpful to have a way to receive voice recordings for this session (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or Text Messaging). $50

In-person Reiki (In-pet!): I come to your home or stables to visit with you and your pet for a hands-on session. The Reiki flows for three days, and intuitive messages are shared with you in real time. 45-60 minutes.


Reiki for Pet Pals is beneficial for many reasons or intentions including:

-odd or new behaviors

-naughty behaviors

-terminal illness

-end of life care and decisions

-trauma healing (ex. abuse from previous owners)

-injury or surgery healing

-and more.

Due to the close and social relationship between pets and their owners,

the Reiki session if often for you as much as it is for them.

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