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Maya Abdominal Therapy for Pregnancy

Your uterus is your baby's first home.

Help prepare this loving 'nest' by receiving Maya Abdominal Therapy.

Benefits of Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Therapy in Pregnancy

  • Improved digestion with better absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste

  • Relief of pain and discomforts of pregnancy

  • Improved blood flow to pelvic floor muscles

  • Increased oxytocin during massage may increase oxytocin receptors for labor

  • Improved blood flow to baby

  • Reduced tension and anxiety

  • Increase the 5 systems of flow to the uterus and placenta

  • Improved potential for the sacrum, "the magic bone of fertility", to oscillate during labor

  • Improved fetal positioning for birth (we do not attempt to "turn" a baby, rather we gently correct uterine position to allow baby more room to move on his/her own)

Prenatal Maya work can begin at 20 weeks of pregnancy. The ideal suggested treatment plan follows a similar schedule as your prenatal visits with your doctor/midwife:

  • 20-28 weeks/ One time per month

  • 29-37 weeks/ Every two weeks

  • 38 weeks until labor/ Weekly visits

  • Past estimated due date/ Ready, Set, Go techniques can be performed 2-3 times/week

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