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Moon Circles with Kristi

There is magic working with the cycles of nature, menstruation, the solar cycles, and lunation phases.

Kristi's New Moonifestation Circles were born of this innate knowing, and a desire to create community around moon-aligned intention setting.

Kristi now offers New Moon and Full Moon circles, in accordance with the lunar calendar. Typically, Circle takes place in-person, however, sometimes (read: in Winter when it's cold and we all want to stay home) circles are held online.


Moon Circles are for you if you want to:

- learn about the current moon cycle and what it most supports in your life

- talk about astrological themes and current events

- create more ritual in your life

- set intentions with each New Moon

- dance with each Full Moon

- honor cycles, within and without

- gather with like-minded people

- enjoy solo ritual in community space

- learn more about how to work with the moon and lunation cycles

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Not on Facebook? No problem. Email and ask to be added to the mailing list:


Kristi is an astrologer, hands on healer, and menstrual cycle educator. She has led New Moon Circle since 2017. Kristi identifies as a professional extrovert and a super introvert, and created Circle with the intention to serve up sacred space and solo ritual in a community atmosphere.

In 2019, Kristi completed Year 1 training at Portland School of Astrology. She is currently continuing self-study in Astrology and recently began Medical Astrology training. She also enjoys popping into classes with her favorite astrology teachers from PSA.

Circle Details:

- Each month we meet near the New Moon and Full Moon

- Registration for Circle is currently donation based. Suggested donation is $13-$33 or pay-what-you-wish

- Custom Flower Essence Blends are available at any time during the month. Send Kristi a message to order. $22

- Register for Circle in one of 3 ways: Venmo at Kristi-Norman-2, Facebook Pay via Messenger, or (using the webstore requires payment of the usual Circle amount, $11.


Praise for Moon Circles:

"I found a community to be a part of and I look forward to the circles every lunation cycle. It’s so fascinating to see how the astrology really fits into our lives. Kristi has a wealth of knowledge and passion for astrology that really comes through in her teaching.

I absolutely recommend joining us!"                                                   ~Julia

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