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Align Your Cycle and Schedule:

3 ways your period helps you plan your best life

[A 60 minute FREE workshop]

More clarity, productivity, and energy can be yours when you consciously choose to work with your menstrual rhythms when creating your schedule.

It is your conscious, internal calendar!

There are times in your cycle when it's best to schedule social events, healing appointments, alone time, more sleep, more sex, and everything in between.

During this one hour free workshop, we'll explore:

+ The 3 ways scheduling your calendar with your menstrual cycle makes you less stressed and less irritable
+ Why following the Solar cycle only doesn't serve the female reproductive system and can lead to burnout
+ How your menstrual cycle mirrors the growing season + why you can't 'be always blooming'
+ What to do to begin scheduling your life with your cycle right NOW
+ How to use your natural energy ebbs and flows to your advantage (and feel less fatigued in the process)


Hi! I'm Kristi Lynn Norman. I've been gifted the titles "Menstrual Priestess", "Uterus Whisperer", and "Moon Maven" by my loving clients.

I am an Intuitive Guide + Healer who helps people/womxn understand and embody the female reproductive system so they can access the power in it to live their best lives.

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