Tiered Pricing System

If you are new to tiered pricing, please read this thoroughly, so you feel empowered to make the payment decision that feels most supportive and right to you.

Tiered pricing allows a practitioner to assist in the healing of many people of various socioeconomic backgrounds by putting trust in each client to pay what they can afford. The system works best when people who can afford to pay more choose the Standard or Supportive payment amounts, and thus the practitioner is able to assist the under-served in our community who would not otherwise be able to seek her services. The practitioner is held in this space, able to meet and cover her expenses, while helping all those who need her work to receive it. And all clients are able to experience and receive high quality healing sessions at a price that they can afford.

This self-directed form of payment is empowering!

One critical aspect to consider when choosing your payment option: when we are asked to stretch a bit (in this case, pay a bit more for a service) incredible things can happen with our healing. We often find that we take our self-care more seriously, that our results from the work come to us more readily, and that we feel better about the choices we are making for our health.

Another thing to note: you may find that a situation in your life changes in such as way that you can afford to pay more than you were able to previously OR that you are no longer able to make that same payment amount. With tiered pricing, you get to choose what is best for you, and that may change over time.

The image below by Alexis at wortsandcunning.com is a helpful guide if you are not sure where you might fall when choosing a price tier.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please email kristi@kristi-norman.com to discuss payment plan options.


In-Person Session Pricing and Tiers

Maya Abdominal Therapy

Maya Essential (60 minute session) - This session includes all of the foundational Maya Techniques on belly, back, and hips in a 45 minute hands-on time period (10-15 minutes intake included in the session).

Supportive: $105

Standard: $95

Scaled: $85

Maya Complete (75 Minute Session) - This session includes foundational Maya Techniques + focus on other connected areas including the jaw, feet, neck, and/or additional work on the belly, back, and hips. 60 minutes hands- on, 10-15 minute intake.

Supportive: $120

Standard: $110

Scaled: $100

Maya Fusion (90 minute session) - This session includes foundational Maya Techniques + full body/therapeutic massage or Reiki. 75 minutes hands-on, 10-15 minute intake.

Supportive: $135

Standard: $125

Scaled: $115

Initial Maya Abdominal Therapy Appointment (2 hour session) - This session is a prerequisite to all other Maya sessions and includes full intake and treatment, plus self-care massage instruction. Castor oil pack or v-steam included *free* for use at your next appointment (when indicated).

Supportive: $180

Standard: $170

Scaled: $160


Reiki Session (60 minute) - This intention-based energy healing session includes chakra and physical system balance, intuitive guidance, practical wisdom, past life insights and healing, and entity/excess release. Reiki flows for 3 days after the session is initiated.

Supportive: $105

Standard: $95

Scaled: $85

Reiki Massage (90 minute session) - This intention-based energy healing session combines Reiki and Therapeutic Massage.

Supportive: $135

Standard: $125

Scaled: $115

"We are not just a skin-encapsulated ego, a soul encased in flesh. We are each other and we are the world."

-Charles Eisenstein


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