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Couples: Are you ready to take the next step in your fertility journey?

How has your fertility journey been for you?
As most popular culture refers to it, "trying to conceive" (we prefer "open to conception", btw) can be fun, challenging, stressful, and _____________ {fill-in-the-blank with your current sentiment}. We can all agree that it creates a new dynamic in a relationship and can be a really trying time for both partners involved.
Especially when the results we want...just aren't happening.
Wouldn't it be nice to take a vacation from the stress and striving of trying, while still doing some pro-active, healthy, and natural things that can boost your fertility...without working so hard at it?!

The Fertile Ground Package is a health and fertility supporting bundle of services to help you and your partner boost your fertility naturally and feel better in the process.

Are you feeling:

~ stressed from trying, but unable to stop

~ like sex is scheduled and not so fun anymore

~ like you'd like to take a break but the biological clock is ticking

~ distanced from your partner

~ like the only thing you talk or think about is ovulation, correct timing of sex, pregnancy tests, and positive outcomes

We really want to help you take a break from all that!

And sometimes all you need is permission.

The Fertile Ground: Boost Your Fertility Together Packages help you take pro-active steps to wellness...and the wonderful side-effect of fertility.

We'll be asking you to take a 3 month break from being open to conception, while you move through the program.


Because we know how stressing this fertility journey can be...and stress does not do a body good. We want you to take a mini-fertility-staycation and actually take measures to avoid conception for 3 months while you commit to this program.

We know the thought of taking a 3 month break may trigger a stress response (we're going to lose 3 whole months of trying?!).


NO, you aren't going to lose it, we promise.


Focus on what you'll gain:

~ a retreat and renewal period for your relationship

~ sex without schedules, ovulation testing, and pregnancy tests

~ time to be together trying new things

~ lots of self-care

~ the support of Steph and Kristi and the healing modalities they offer

~ a custom package based on your needs: for you + your partner (see the Complete Package)


~ a custom package for one of you (see the Individual Package)

Next Session Coming in 2018.

Be the first to know. Contact Kristi today.

Payment plans are available, contact Kristi and Stephanie here to inquire.

What Clients are Saying...

"I cannot express my gratitude enough to Kristi and the work she has done with me through Maya Abdominal Therapy. After experiencing two miscarriages with no explained cause from the doctors, I reached out to her to learn about the therapy. Kristi spent time with me before I'd even decided to work with her getting to know me, listening to my concerns about our fertility issues, answering my questions, and providing support I didn't even realize I needed. After our first session together, I felt both the physical, and emotional healing already beginning. After three months of Maya Abdominal Massage, my husband and I conceived again, and just gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Throughout my nine months pregnant, I continued with Kristi for prenatal massage therapy. I have no doubt that Maya Abdominal Therapy helped my husband and I through our losses, and gave me a sense of control and understanding about my own fertility and body.                                                                 


"I had fertility issues in the past and once I was finally able to conceive the nausea kicked in. The pregnancy IV infusion was a lifesaver. It gave me energy and decreased my morning sickness. Best. Infusion.Ever!"

"I love how Stephanie takes time with her patients. She  made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. She looked over my whole self, not just focusing on one body system. She really has helped me improve my quality of life. I feel great!"

"Kristi has been a tremendous part of my fertility journey. I went to see Kristi when I was trying to get pregnant with my second child. Within just over 18 months of seeing Kristi regularly and practicing my own self-care at home, I had, for the first time in my life, started a regular menstral cycle, and successfully conceived then birthed my now-two-year old son. Kristi got my fertility back on track and I couldn't be more grateful!"

You mention a 3 month "vacation" from conception during this package. Why?

We encourage you to take a vacation from conceiving during the course of this healing journey for multiple reasons. If you have been open to conception for a while, it is beneficial to give your body, mind, and spirit a break in order to rejuvenate and heal. It also gives you and your partner some time to enjoy one another without conception as the primary goal. In addition, many of the services above are not advised during early pregnancy, so when you are actively avoiding conception, we know they can be accomplished safely. This package is meant to help you heal and renew your body, while also decreasing stress. Just like a vacation!

Does receiving IV nutritional therapy hurt?

Ahh, great question! We use the smallest IV catheters at the clinic. People that pass out with needles or have pain with needles, do really well with our small needle size. We've never had anyone faint and plan to keep it that way. The infusion itself, people don't typically realize it's going into their body. If you are sensitive, you may taste the B vitamins or amino acids in your mouth, but chewing gum or enjoying a piece of hard candy eliminates this.

Why does the package last for 3 months? Can't we just do one month and then begin being open to conception again?

It takes sperm 3 months to regenerate/mature. When you incorporate lifestyle change and healing modalities such as these, you want to give your body time to let the results of the good work you're doing occur. We want those sperm nice and healthy for when you're ready to be open to conception again. The same is true for the female reproductive cycle. Nourishing the body in this way, helps set the body up for stronger ovulation cycles (and healthier eggs), while decreasing the stress of wondering and worrying whether you are pregnant or not.

How does Maya Abdominal Therapy help males?

ATMAT is great for males and females alike. It decreases tension in the abdomen which helps the digestive system and reproductive system balance and heal. Increasing blood, lymph, energy, and nervous system flows help increase sexual function, decrease inflammation, and aid in hormonal balance (see above regarding sperm regeneration). Plus, when you both learn the self-care massage, you can do it for each other!

Are you guaranteeing that we will achieve pregnancy after completing this package?

We can't make guarantees about whether or not you will achieve viable pregnancy after this package. What we can guarantee is that you will feel better knowing that you have taken pro-active steps to support your own health and well-being. Pregnancy, if it happens for you (and we hope it does), will be a happy side effect to the efforts you have made. If pregnancy does not occur, we can discuss ongoing support options as well as how we can support you going forward.

What if, after the first sessions, we don't feel this path is right for us?

We are so confident that you will love working with us (and love the healing sessions we offer) that we have a full money back guarantee! We really want this to feel right for you. We want you to enjoy working with us and doing all of these amazing healing sessions because you want to. If you find that you are not satisfied after your first session with Kristi and Stephanie, we will gladly refund the remaining balance of your package (less the costs of those initial appointments).

If you have specific questions, please contact us here.

OK, I think we're ready, now what?!

Great! We are so excited to work with you! Just follow the link below to the purchase page. Shortly after that you will receive an email from us explaining how to begin scheduling appointments.

Remember, we are beginning this program October 1st and can start scheduling your visits as soon as you are registered.

Welcome To Fertile Ground!

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