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What do I do if I have cycled through one package and have not achieved pregnancy?

Each couple's needs are different when it comes to fertility enhancement. Some women may conceive after one session of ATMAT, others may take months. After your package is complete, we will sit down to discuss possible next steps based on your progress and your desires.

The packages look the same to me, what is the main difference?
You're right! The packages do look similar. The main difference is that when you choose the Fertility Renewal Package, you and your partner are committing to avoid conception at all costs during the 3 month time period. In this way, you are allowing your body to heal and are eliminating the stress that chasing ovulation can cause. This is especially beneficial for couples who've been "at it" for awhile. Conversely, the Fertile Season Package, is the same length of time with the same number of sessions, but during this time period, you and your partner may choose to actively be open to conception. This difference is important on mental/emotional/physical healing levels and also in determining how your appointments are scheduled and what other recommendations you will be given.

Why does my partner need a session?
Every couples needs are different. If your partner (male) has had his sperm counts checked and is low in mobility, motility, or number, it is a good idea to have him start his own healing process and ATMAT can help. He will receive the same massage and learn self-care massage as well. Instead of focusing on the uterus, the lower abdominal massage focuses on the prostate and helps bring about healing and balance. Often men see improvement in their counts when utilizing the work and diligent home self-care. Also, if part of the issue lies with the male partner, it does the woman or couple no good to spend time and money on the female system alone. Men who's sperm counts are within healthy range do not need a session, and the couple can choose to forgo it.

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