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a recent distance reiki altar

A recent Distance Reiki Altar



What you receive:

- an intuitively curated altar based on your intention/s (Kristi will send pictures + description of your altar and it's meaning)

- a full Reiki session- once initiated, the energy flows for 3 days

- intuitive guidance based on your intention/s

- voice messages from Kristi containing the intuitive messages and suggestions that came through for you

How it works:

- Energy healing works through all time + space, so you + Kristi do not need to be in the same space in order for you to fully receive a healing session.

- Kristi will contact you soon after your purchase to clarify your intentions and set a time for your session.

- You do not need to do anything during your session, though Kristi recommends finding some time to sit in meditation, take a silent walk, and/or journal during the 3 days when Reiki is flowing to you.

Personal Investment: $50


Fire of the Stars Distance Reiki Sessions have helped people:

- get clear on a confusing career situation

- take steps to plan a vacation

- decide to take or not take a new job position

- find support during a health crisis

- gain insight into a womb/reproductive challenge

- through surgery

- clear their energy field/release attachments

- lean in to feelings of "not enoughness" and imposter syndrome

- celebrate and honor their birthday

- and much more!

A Fire of the Stars Distance Reiki Session

is an excellent way to receive Reiki when you need it fast or can't meet in person.

You can order a session at any time!

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