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Crystalline Coven

Class Series 1


Details First:



October 28, November 4, November 18, November 25


7:00-9:00 p.m.


Kristi's Office


$127 paid in full


pick-n-choose/pay-as-you-go for $33- $35 each

(Moon Magic $33, Altars Alter and Cleanse+Bless $35 each)


Join me during this Witchy season for our very first Crystalline Coven class series.

Get in the spirit of the Scorpio and Autumn seasons, while learning sacred, spiritual methods of self care and ritual that you can begin to use immediately.

Beginners will get a great foundation from these classes,

and those who have worked with these tools already will deepen their

understanding and usage.



We'll begin our journey with a MOON MAGIC New Moon Circle to honor the Scorpio moon and set intentions for the next lunation cycle. Included: circle, guided activity to honor the Scorpio New Moon, themes for intention setting, Custom Flower Essence Blend.


Next, we'll initiate ourselves into the practice of personal altar making for health and wholeness, in ALTARS ALTER. Here you'll use foundational wisdom to learn to create and use personal altars for ritual use, holidays, intentions, and celebrations.


In this class you'll learn:

-the components of an altar

-how to set up an altar for a significant event

-ideal spaces for your personal altar

-why we create altars

-how to work with an altar

-how to make an altar your own

BONUS: Make + Take Pocket Altar

You'll assemble your very own tiny altar complete with altar cloth, candle, anointing oil, healing crystals, etc. (All supplies included, supplies may vary)


This hands-on class will provide you with the necessary background information to CLEANSE + BLESS your sacred spaces and self. Cleansing with smoke, or other means, is an ancient form of energy clearing that spans multiple cultures and is used for a variety of purposes.

Participants will learn:

-how to use the tools needed for a clearing

-Kristi's favorite clearing techniques for home/work and self

-why an abalone shell is NOT a smoke cleansing tool

-how to cleanse and bless a space when you can't

burn incense/herbs or are sensitive to smoke

-alternative methods of cleansing and blessing

that don't culturally appropriate or use endangered herbs/woods

-respect for the cultural traditions of smudging/clearing

BONUS: copal + charcoal cleansing bundle


We'll wrap up our Crystalline Coven series by beginning again at the next New Moon Circle: new themes, new intentions, new energy. Included: circle, guided activity to honor the Sagittarius New Moon, themes for intention setting, Custom Flower Essence Blend.

(Crystalline Coven Series 1 is valued at over $300)

Details and Dates:

All classes are on Mondays.

October 28th: M O O N   M A G I C

November 4th: A L T A R S    A L T E R

November 18th: C L E A N S E   AND   B L E S S

November 25th: M O O N   M A G I C

Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.

(notice that we skip November 11th)


I'm IN!

To Register:

Venmo: Send $127 to Pay in Full or $33/$35 to Kristi-Norman-2


Cash/Check: Email or Message Kristi to pay in-person on October 28th, or your first class date


Credit Card: Pay with Square at Kristi's online store here.


Kristi is excited to journey with you through these witchy studies and Scorpio season. Kristi has identified as a witch for over 20 years, and loves the practical magic that comes from living close to the cycles of nature every day. Her ritual work includes writing/journaling, dance, meditation, self study, spell work, menstrual ritual, moon circles, and seasonal/astrological honoring. Kristi believes anyone can reconnect to the cycles within and without, and call themselves Witch, if they want. She honors the sacredness of one's own personal path of spirituality, so long as it harms none.


1. I'm confused about pricing. Can you spell it out for me?

Yes! I know it's a little confusing. Here's the deal: New Moon Circles (Moon Magic) are $33 and have been for quite some time. If you are only able to join for one of both of those, you'll be paying $33 each class and will receive access to the circle and a custom flower essence blend.

If you are attending one of both of the other classes, Altars Alter and/or Cleanse+Bless, you'll pay $35 each. To register for all 4 classes/circles, you'll pay $127 in full, and save some $$ on the bundle!

2. I can only make it to one or two classes.

Great, we'd love to have you when you're able to attend! Just follow the registration steps above and pay for the classes you're able to attend. Kristi will send a message to you if she's unsure which class you're paying for.

3. This sounds witchy and I don't identify as a witch, but I want to learn and attend. Do I have to identify as a witch?

Great question! The short answer is NO! You are welcome to attend if you do not identify as a witch. These classes are designed for anyone to join and to add into their own spiritual or religious practices.

4. What goodies will I be taking home from this class series?

We love goodies! If you attend all classes/circles in this series, you'll be taking home: handouts full of info and wisdom from each circle, intentions based on the themes for the New Moons, a mini/travel altar full or ritual items, an incense clearing kit, and inspiration to begin using these practices for your own health and well being. In addition, the simple act of gathering together with like minded people, can create a sense of community that feels deeply nourishing and safe, even if it's something that you can't hold in your hands.

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