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Doula, Rebozo, and

Placenta Encapsulation

Kristi began her doula journey while preparing for and navigating through the births of her two sons, in 1999 and 2001. The experience of pregnancy and childbirth awakened within her a desire to connect with and help empower women during these transformative times.

Currently Kristi offers prenatal doula services in her office or your home. The options include a 90 minute "sit down" session and a two hour rebozo class. During these trainings (some people like to call them "Daddy Doula" trainings, Kristi helps prepare you and your birth partner (spouse, partner, friend, etc.) through discussion and hands-on practice using the rebozo. The sessions are tailored to your specific desires and may cover topics such as:    

  • use of interventions/pros and cons

  • effective emotional and physical support during labor

  • processing fear

  • Rebozo for prenatal and labor/birth

  • the 7 things a laboring woman truly needs from her support person

  • how to communicate effectively with care providers

  • labor positioning

  • the role of oxytocin in labor and how to increase it

  • infant care

  • healing in the postpartum phase

  • breastfeeding

  • magic hour and skin to skin contact

  • natural (physiologic) pregnancy and childbirth

  • birth plan and more

  • The personal investment for the Sit-Down training is: $75

  • The personal investment for this two hour session is: $125

  • Free Rebozo! ($80 value)

  • Follow up training is available for $50


Local new mom, Erin, with her rebozo in the early stages of labor.


*The rebozos Kristi uses and gifts to you are lovingly handmade in Guatemala by a family of weavers (when they arrive, the still hold the smell of the family's cookfires). They take a month to arrive once ordered and are only available in small quantities.


To ensure availability, contact Kristi today.


Your placenta can be consumed...and it's not gross or weird, it's BENEFICIAL!
Most mammals consume their placentas directly after the birth of their young. This is an instinct that helps the mama mammal heal quickly from her birth event.

As humans, we too can consume our placentas after the births of our babies. Studies are proving that this practice can be beneficial to:


  • heal the physical body more quickly

  • increase breast milk production

  • decrease the chances for postpartum depression

  • increase energy

  • help ease the menopausal transition

Many midwives will administer a small piece of raw placenta to stop a woman from hemorrhaging after delivery.

There are many ways to prepare and consume your placenta. One way that women find most palatable is by taking it in capsules. The placenta encapsulation process involves steaming the placenta with lemon and ginger (a Traditional Chinese Medicine recipe to help lock in all it's wonderful, healing nutrients). After the steaming, the placenta is dehydrated, powdered, and placed into capsules. The process takes two days and the capsules can be taken indefinitely and even frozen to take during the menopause transition.



Included in your purchase:


Raw Placenta Preparation (optional, no extra cost)

Placenta Encapsulation- placenta processed and placed in size 00 gel capsules in a glass jar (usually between 70-100)

Keepsakes: umbilical cord keepsake and placenta art prints

Placenta Dream Catcher made with the umbilical cord keepsake (optional, $15)

Placenta Salve (Optional, $15)

Mother Tea (no cost, when available)


Personal Investment: $250

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