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Hi, I'm Kristi Lynn

Intuitive + Massage Therapist + Healer

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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

And, I'm curious. WHY are you here?

Maybe you're here to:

       - learn + practice the self care art of Reiki Healing

       - increase your fertility and chances of conception

       - support your body through conscious menstruation practices

       - deepen your connection with your partner and work on communication

       - practice solo ritual in a community space at the New Moon or Full Moon

       - relieve period problems and support peri or meno-pause transitions

       - find natural methods for trauma healing

       - nurture your body and baby throughout pregnancy and postpartum

       - explore past lives and how they might affect your behavior in this life

       - bring more self-care into your life

Or, maybe something else. I could keep guessing, or you can send me a message and we can discover together how my work could be of benefit to you.

There are so many ways we can do this work together, based on your health needs, desires, and interests.

What I offer:

- Bodywork and Energywork healing treatments- The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and cupping, Intuitive Readings via Reiki Healing, Reiki Sessions, Reiki Massage, and Custom Flower Essence Blends


- Holistic support for people with female reproductive anatomy- womb healing sessions, V steams, integrated massage + energywork


- Classes:

              - Conscious Menstruation

              - Reiki 1, 2, and 3 Practitioner Trainings

              - The Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle

              - My Sacred Anatomy


- Mentorships + Immersions:

             - LunAlign Immersion: soul-filled manifestation with the moon phases

             - Reiki Mentorship: deepen your intuition while expanding your healing practice


- Ritual Facilitation:

            - New Moon + Full Moon in-person, group rituals for deep connecting and healing

            - Transitional Journey Rituals (menarche, menopause, mother blessing, etc.)

            - Womb Healing

            - Crystalline Coven Workshops


- Reiki for Pet Pals: adjusting to a new home/pet/baby, end of life care, injury or illness, trauma, behavior challenges, etc.



  And, none of the above matters or helps if we aren't a great fit. We will work so well together if:

- you're looking for natural approaches to healing that fit in the realm of complementary and alternative medicine

- you're not afraid to relax and feel really, really great after a healing session

- you are open to exploring and trying new things to help your body heal

- you're committed to self-care rituals (even if you admit you don't do enough of them and want to incorporate more; we're all human here!)

- you're open to experiences of magic and miracles

- you want to feel better about yourself

- you are searching for a helper on your healing journey who feels safe, has a sense of humor, won't lecture you, and practices what she preaches (again, I'm human too!)

Your next step:

Contact me today!

Send a message

Text or Call 563-580-3415


Book a session

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